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“Richard Rabatin is many things, but for the 45 years of our acquaintance and closest of friendships, he has been a quintessential musician above all. He has never ceased in his pursuit of excellence. That drive is what has placed him in the top echelon of teachers of the art. Whether it be the beaming grin of a youngster who has discovered he CAN play that favorite solo or the look of astonishment from another professional who has been shown an alternate approach, his intensity and methods have brought revelation and joy to countless students and seasoned pros alike. My own two sons drank deeply from this well. One went on to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston. The other son toured the world as a bassist for a decade. The joy of music will remain with them always. Those that seek to learn, improve and come to a better understanding of the art form would be hard pressed in finding a finer instructor and mentor, and a gentleman as well.” – Alan Jones, Fender Amp Guru 

“Do you want a job?” – Barry Nettles, Harmony Division Chairperson, Berklee College of Music

"Richard Rabatin is truly gifted musician and teacher. In every lesson and conversation we’ve had, Rich's passion for jazz and improvisation was so astounding and inspirational. His improvisational techniques have opened my ears and changed the way I approach playing and listening. The materials we worked on have also helped me teaching with my own students". Sean Jordan, Band Director in Three Village Central School District.

"Richard Rabatin is a NY guitar-teaching GURU & SCHOLAR and a WIZARD of Jazz and Blues." – Former student Matt Marshak, professional guitarist; Winner of the 2002 New York Best New Artist Award from Smooth Jazz Radio 101.9 FM.

"His knowledge of music across the genres is astonishing. He understands and respects all types of music including classical, folk, blues, rock, jazz, oldies and brand new works by popular artists. He transcribes it, teaches how to play it, explains how it works musically and guides his students to mastery. – Faith Krinsky, Teacher of English and Literature at Ward Melville H.S., Retired

“It has been two weeks since the realization of the depth of what you have taught me; and I’m already seeing that my musical life has been changed – as well, an internal peace which this realization has added to my life. With time and effort I now can become the musician I’ve always wanted to be. I wonder why they don’t teach what I’ve learned from you at Berklee; I guess it’s beyond Berklee. I hope that your students value your talents and guidance as much as I do.” – Paul DioGuardi, Former Faculty, Berklee College of Music.

In 1999, Richard performed as a guitarist/arranger Off-Broadway in the original musical “Summer ’69". Part of the show from its inception, he transcribed/arranged the music from the original recordings. Richard designed and picked the musicians for the three guitar six-piece band – two of whom were his former students. What follows typified all the New York media critical acclaim.

"...a genuine treat for devotees of the popular music of a generation ago...captures the spirit [and] channels the soul of the 60' a fine six piece band that delivers plenty of musical pleasure..." – The New York Times

"This is the best band I've heard in Manhattan in fifteen years; you make the musicians uptown in "Ain't Got Nothin' but the Blues" sound like first graders." – Dave Richardson, WOR Radio